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   This site presents a biography, book excerpts, list of works, photos and more of the most important Czech writer of the first half of the 20th century, the co-inventor of the word robot, a novelist, playwright, journalist and translator.
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  • An unpleasant mistake found on the page "Interesting facts" was corrected. Josef Capek died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in April 1945 and not in the Terezin concentration camp as I incorrectly stated before. I wish to thank Gyula Bognar, Jr. for alerting me about this fact. I apologize for this unfortunate error.
  • The "Opilec" controversy has been finally sorted out. A scan of the 1925 version of Josef Capek's short story shows clearly that Josef used the word "automat" in his writing. Click here to learn more.
  • Broken links repaired.
  • Some precisions have been added on the question of the creation of the word robot. Thank you to a visitor from Madrid for notifying me.
  • The English version of Capek's famous 1924 essay "Why I am not a Communist" has been added to the website.
24.11.2003 6.11.2003 26.8.2003 18.4. 2003
  • English titles of Capek's works have been reviewed.
  • Links have been updated.
27.5. 2002
  • More information on RUR and the origin of the word "robot" and a new biography have been added.

10.4. 2002
  • More historical background on the creation of the word "robot" by Karel Capek has been added. This english section of the site gets about 15 visitors a week.

11.3. 2002
27.12. 2001
17.12. 2001
7.8. 2001
  • So here I write again - after a year and a half. I didn't have much time to enlarge the Czech version, let alone translate more documents into English. I will however try my best to improve the standing situation and present more of Capek's work in English.

9.2. 2000
  • So far the English version of this site has only a few translated documents: the biography, a list of the works of Karel Capek, some photos and a few translated book summaries. Please be patient while I translate the rest.
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